The Company

Image of beautiful female surgeonIndalia is a young and dynamic company dedicated to providing a wide range of devices and other medical products, under the diagnosis and prophylaxis, since surgical oriented to the diagnostic consumables.

One of our specialities are the devices intended for the large market of appreciation of personal image and psycho-physiological balances that accompany it.

On the market since November 2010, we keep a very close contact with our partners, be they customers, providers or health professionals, to follow the evolution of their needs and tailor our offer constantly.

Indalia is concerned with the creation and maintenance of robust and sustainable partnerships with its customers, its suppliers and the health professionals who advise their products, to build relationships of mutual trust and ensure much needed business stability.


Contribute to human health and personal fulfillment by anticipating and institutions of the health professionals who care for them and for the filling with products of high quality and maximum safety.


Grow solidly through the maintenance of reputation unblurred and establishment of a stable universe of customers.


Quality of the products we sell and the service we provide.
Security by reducing the risk on the client, always thinking in the final application.
Gestão das expectativas of customers, responding in time, efficiently and effectively.