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    SN-50F6 Syringe Pump


    • International standard syringe pump;
    • Compatible: Automatic syringe calibration, suitable for all brands;
    • Convenient: “Openable slider hook”, convenient to clamp syringe plunger;
    • Powerful: Battery capable to support more than 6 hours for one channel continuous working;
    • Energy saving: Idle channel can be set to sleeping mode.


    • Specify syringe size automatically;
    • Identify syringe size automatically;
    • 3-level occlusion alarm limits setting;
    • Automatically reduce impact dose release after occlusion;
    • Delivered volume inquiry;
    • KVO flow rate;
    • Fast rate control;
    • “Purge” button activate safe protection;
    • Flow rate setting button lock;
    • Abundant optic and sound alarm;
    • AC and internal power indication;
    • Standard RS232 interface;
    • 500 history records.