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    RF Fractional System (Micro Needle Type)

    What is PINXEL?

    PINXEL is a minimal invasive fractional RF with 36 electrodes. It provides direct heat both epidermis and dermis with precise depth control from 0.5mm to 1.5mm.
    Its efficient fractional radiofrequency enable capability of achieving fractional and continuous treatment patterns. Its expends your practice by offering efficacious minimal risk of down time and pain regardless of skin type.

    PINXEL RF Effects

    • Solve Skin problem with PINXEL RF;
    • Continuous treatment from epidermis to dermis – Tightening, pore size, superficial scar, wrinkles;
    • Stronger treatment power throughout dermis area-lifting tightening, wrinkles, flushing, lightening and acne;
    • Bio-modulation effect by combination treatment with fibroblast media through micro delivery hole, micro electrodes make-scar, acne, pigmentation, PIH, flushing, whitening and moisturizing.