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    5 in 1 Body Slimming Machine LBT5000

    Strong mechanical vibration + Rotating ultrasonic technology:
    Strongly smash the deep fat to burn the fat by using the alto frequency principle of conversion energy on the probe. To constitute the ultrasonic vortex which can smash the old fat cellulite to promote the fat dissolve, energy conversion, promote metabolite to be excreted from body with the lymphatic system that makes the fat cells volume small, then achieve the slimming effect.


    Beautify the body;
    Dredge meridian, promote lymph arranging poison;
    Smash block stubborn fat, promote the fat dissolved;
    Strengthen lymphatic system, regulate blood system balance;
    Hold fat and massage, sliming;
    Increase the muscle strength, tighten the loose skin and make the skin elastic and luster;
    Beautify the skin;
    Repair the aging and damaged skin, remove wrinkle;
    Treat cellulite, repair the stretch marks;
    Promote the proliferation of the collagen and elastic fiber tissue;
    Make the skin more exquisite, compacter, smoother and more elastic;
    Analgesic therapy;
    Ease arthritis, sciatica, lumber muscle strain, and  women dysmenorrhea and improve the sub-health.