Ask for budget:

    Only depth recognition mode, medical double optical source and handheld design.


    Clinical Value: Significantly short the venipuncture time, improve the success rate of disposable puncture;

    Medical Institutions: Savings (about 50%), reduce medical disputes, improve patient satisfaction;

    Medical Staffs: Substantially alleviate the work press and mental press;

    Patients: Relieve pain; add a positive health protection for the original fragile doctor-patient relationship.

    Clinical Market: Venipuncture, varicose veins (adjuvant therapy), plastic surgery;


    Varicose veins (adjuvant therapy)

    Plastic surgery


    Applicable Patients

    Infants, children, obesity, edema patients, patients suffering from shock, many chemotherapy patients, patients with varicose veins, patients with plastic surgery etc.


    V5 Features

    User-friendly design

    One-button operation

    Small, easy to move


    More intimate function


    1. Depth recognition: note of vessel depth info., identify the buried deeper blood vessels in superficial skin.

    1 green light: depth of 0-2mm (light)

    2 green light: depth of 2-4mm (light)

    3 green light: depth of over 4mm (light)


    2. Children Size: reduce the projection area, avoid large-area projection interference, better to observe children small veins.


    3. Inverse function: in various modes, press the “Reverse” button, you can get the inverse projection effect (compare with the current mode).


    4. Darker skin: proved by clinical tests, the product is still having a high vein recognition degree in the dark-skinned people. (效果图)


    5. Green light mode: simulate vein color, weaken the background interference, good for medical staffs to apply to the equipment.


    6. Basic mode: applies to people with different visual feeling, to observe and evaluate the vein situation.

    Size: 220m ⅹ 65mm ⅹ 65mm
    Weight: 500g
    Working time (fully charged): ≤100 min
    Charging time: 8 hs
    Battery: DC 7.4V 3000mAh



    Free to select one (Desktop holder/Portable carts)

    Hands-free kits, freeing up your hands while performing the vein projection.

    1. Desktop holder

    2. Portable carts